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Tenda is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures and sells networking devices and equipment. Tenda has established itself in such a way that it is not difficult to approach Tenda router support if you encounter any glitch in your router. 

Tenda router support

Installing port forwarding in router 

  1. Log in to the home page of your router. For completing this step, open your web browser and write the IP address of your router in the search bar. 
  1.  Put username and password in the required blocks on the homepage of the router. 
  1. After logging in successfully, search for the option ‘Gateway’ in the menu bar. After clicking the gateway button proceed for the option “port forwarding”.If you are unable to find this option under the “Gateway” then go for advanced settings. 
  1. Enter the port you want to enter internally or externally. If you do not know about the port then contact Tenda router support. Tenda Router support
  1. Enter your Protocol. After entering the protocol, enter the static IP address you have created. To set a static IP address, open control panel in your PC and click on network and the internet, then network and sharing center. 


Cable connection assistance 

If the internet is not connected to the device then the probable reason must be the disfigurement in plugging Ethernet cable if your router is not a wi-fi router. This error could be easily seen by the lit LED light appears on the router or the adapter. 

Switching the Ethernet cable to another port is another cure that might solve your problem. After switching the Ethernet cable, turn off the power and turn on after few minutes. 

Still, if this problem appears then again Tenda router support is the savior for you. 

Firmware support 

Firmware is the embedded software in reading only memory that allows router hardware to implement network and security protocols. Many of the router providers sell downloadable firmware updates that allow router keep its pace with the connectivity. If there is Firmware issue that obstructs router to work properly then look for the Firmware update tool under the section of router management console. All you have to is follow the written instructions. If you do understand the terms in the management console and find yourself in intricated situation then Tenda router support is still here to assist you.