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Buffalo AirStation is the router named after wireless LAN by Buffalo Technology to carve a niche in the field of networking. Buffalo AirStation router support is another domain by Buffalo technology to provide the best possible customer support so that all your possible queries regarding the router could be resolved within stipulated time.   buffalo router support number

Reset if the router does not work properly 

Most of the buffalo Routers have a switch that allows pressing it for resetting the router. This process could be done by pressing and holding the switch for at least 5 seconds. If this cure does not help you to solve your problem then wait for few minutes and try this method again or else you may move to check software configuration. 

Reset Using Software configuration 

Generally, wireless modems and routers need wires cable to connect with a PC for initial set up and configuration.  The software configuration process is done by following some steps: 

  • Connect your router to your PC through Ethernet cable to establish a link or a mode communication between both devices. 
  • Now, open your web browser and write the IP address of your router in the address bar. After completing this step, you would interact with the home page of the router where you are required to fill in your Username and password. 
  • All you have to do now is to search for “Configuration tool” for initializing or restarting page, which might be found under the Configuration tab. If you still find it difficult to cope up with these steps then you could take help from Buffalo AirStation router support.  Buffalo Router support number

Connection of Client’s PC to the network 

If the LED blinks continuously then your router/modem is working properly. Still, you are not able to access the network then check the TCP/IP settings of the network. To Add or change settings: 

  • Open the windows task bar and click start. 
  • Select settings then click on control panel. 
  • Double click on the network item to see network properties. 
  • Now, verify the “TCP/IP”- wireless LAN adapter. If the wireless adapter protocol is not installed then click the add button and select TCP/IP protocol from the list. Contact Buffalo AirStation router support for more clarification but if the wireless adapter protocol is installed then select the protocol and click the properties button. Check whether the parameters match the settings provided by your LAN administrator.